MR TINT Window Tinting Specialist

headlamp and tail light tinting

You may desire a certain fierce look of your car. Once you tint your windows, the headlamp and tail lights may need a darker look as well. At MR TINT we provide you with the professional services to enhance the overall aesthetics.

Make an appointment today and let us take a look at your car. We will be able to recommend the tint that will go best with the rest of your car’s appearance. The tinting doesn’t take long to complete and will make your car look better than ever.

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Alloy wheel refurbishment

If you have alloy wheels on your car, they’re going to experience wear and tear just like everything else. When you want your car to look its very best, you have to look at every component. Rather than replacing the alloy wheels, which is an expensive business, we have a better solution for you.

At MR TINT we offer alloy wheel refurbishment. This might be just what you need to enhance the appearance. Your wheels will look like new and that’s a sure way to get noticed while out on the road. Whether you pair it with our window tinting service or schedule it separately, we’re happy to help you!

handles and mouldings colour coding

Your car should look the way you desire. When you drive it off the car lot, it might be the way that the manufacturer intended for it to look. At MR TINT we will help you to achieve the look that you desire – and this includes handles and mouldings colour coding.

The handles and even some of the moulding may not match the car’s colour. You may also want a two-tone look to match your personal preferences or even a favourite team’s colour scheme. Whatever it may be, our professional technicians have the experience with colour coding to make a difference.

computer diagnostics

Computer diagnostics are important to run from time to time. What is currently set is what the manufacturer created. However, you might have a different driving style than the “average driver” that was pre-set. A few modifications can help you to improve your fuel efficiency and more.

Diagnostics on your car can also help to rectify problems you have been having. This might help to identify issues and save you money on repair bills.

At MR TINT we have the professional and friendly technicians who will be able to computer diagnose your car to tell you more about what’s going on with it.

Car Window Tinting

Take advantage of our professional windows tinting service where we will help you select the right shade of window film for your car.

Window Tinting Law

We follow all UK window tinting laws here at MR TINT which includes the front windscreen allowing a minimum of 75% light through and front passenger windows allowing at least 70% through.

Car Air Conditioning

Learn what MR TINT can do for your car's AIR CON  so you’re more comfortable driving around throughout the year.