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Car Window Tinting London

Car tint offers a variety of benefits. At MR TINT we are professional window tinters with years of experience and have an array of shades for you to choose from. This allows you to add an aesthetic value to the exterior of your car to make it look more elegant than regular factory model.

Car window tinting is also blocks out 99% of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. What this means is that you are less likely to be sunburnt while driving down the road. It will also prevent your interior from fading or blistering. If your car has been parked outside all day, the interior won’t be as hot either – and that’s because the tint will help to keep it cooler.'

Choose the shade that works best for you

We offer all shades of film, from Very Light to Limo Black and are happy to advise based on our exprtise and your requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering a factory finish quality work with a lifetime guarantee.
If you have any questions please call our garage on 07535 471860

The process

At MR TINT we keep the process simple. Once you book an appointment we will go with you over the options available and help you decide what film to use on your car windows. Simply bring in the car and our team of professionals will apply the film.

It begins by cleaning the glass so that the film adheres properly and there is no dust. We guarantee that there will be no air bubbles or streaks in the film. This is because of our experienced application process.

The window film is sealed to the glass and we then ask that you do not open the windows for at least 24 hours. This allows time for the curing process.

Window Tinting Law

We follow all UK window tinting laws here at MR TINT which includes the front windscreen allowing a minimum of 75% light through and front passenger windows allowing at least 70% through.

Other Services

We offer more than just car window tinting services. Count on us to take good care of your car to ensure it looks its best whilst out on the road.

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